Are Corded Lawn Mowers Good: Yes or No [Make the Decision Easier]

Are corded lawn mowers good


You have a beautiful lawn with lush green grass, eye-catching flower beds, and smooth pathways. All these are attractive and perfect looking.

But there is a deep hard work hidden behind this vibrant scene. To maintain a fantastic green lawn, you need to take help from several tools, mainly to keep the grass smooth and even; you need a good mower.

Here I have a question: Are corded lawn mowers good?

Before getting details, we have much curiosity in mind about many things. Let’s resolve this curiosity first.

What Is A Lawn Mower?

A lawnmower is a machine that uses one or more revolving blades to cut the surface of the grass to an even level. The level of height of the cut grass can be set by the mower’s design but is typically adjustable by the operator, typically by a single lever or by a lever or nut and bolt on all the machine’s wheels.

Many people prefer electric mowers. Electric mowers are easier to maintain and keep, more environmentally friendly, and make less noise than a traditional mower. If you’re thinking of buying an electric model, you have noticed that there are two types of mowers: 

  • Corded Mowers
  • Cordless Mowers

Note: This blog post has covered the advantages and disadvantages of corded and uncorded mowers; this way, your decision will become super-easy and accurate.

What Are The Corded Lawn Mowers?

Corded mowers are provided power by an electric outlet through an extension cord, giving them unlimited working time. The working limit of a cordless electric mower is limited by its battery capacity. Cordless mowers typically run for 70 to 90 minutes, after which you need to recharge them overnight before using them next time.

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Now for deciding: Are corded lawn mowers good? Let’s have a comparison of corded and cordless mowers.

Corded Vs. Cordless Mowers

Are corded lawn mowers good? Or a cordless mower is best? The first and foremost factor that depends is your lawn’s size. However, if you have a small lawn in your house, a corded mower might work best for your home.

Lawn size is the most crucial thing in determining which mower to buy, but it isn’t the only point to consider. To make the decision reliable, you also need to crack the advantages and disadvantages of both types!

A corded mower needs to plug directly into an outlet. It would help if you had accessible outdoor outlets or a string and extension cord from outside. Corded mowers are reliably powered, have less weight, and cost less than cordless ones.

Advantages Of Corded Mowers

Corded mowers are the best if you have a small yard that’s easily within range of an outlet. If you’ve got a small courtyard to use a corded mower, they have a lot of advantages, for example:

  • A corded mower is always ready to work. There’s no charging required; plug in and start mowing.
  • Corded mowers can trim thick or tall grass fast because there is a steady stream of electricity to power the motor.
  • You never need to worry about battery charge. As it is the leading luxury over cordless models.
  • Corded mowers are lightweight, without a big gas engine or bulky battery.
  • Less weight mower is easier to push, handle, and transport anywhere on the lawn, even easy to keep. With a corded mower, mowing may begin to feel more like a pleasant stroll around the yard than an actual chore. You will have no more aching shoulders, a tight b
    Ack, and tired legs.
  • A power cable is remarkably less costly than a big, powerful battery. No battery makes your mower lighter, but it keeps your wallet heavier. So, corded mowers are generally about half the cost of a cordless mower.
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Disadvantages Of Corded Mowers

  • The disadvantages of a corded mower all move around that cord. Being physically tethered can make mowing more difficult in a lot of different ways, such as
  • Difficulty in crossing obstacles and getting tangled up
  • Be sure you don’t run over or damage the cord
  • The corded mower can only reach as far as your cable go

If you can’t reach the outer boundaries of your lawn, you may be in trouble. But having outdoor outlets at different points may give you more range. Ideally, you need to have one outlet in the front and one in the back.

  • If you have a small lawn, this isn’t a problem, but a corded mower may not be suitable for you if your lawn area is too large.
  • It is hard to manage your mower cable as you move around trees, rocks, swings, sheds, etc.

Advantages Of Cordless Mower

A cordless mower avoids many of the issues of corded mowers.

  • Having a cordless mower means free to go wherever the grass needs trimming. You won’t be wrapped around trees, bushes, and your legs.
  • Cordless mowers use a battery to stay powered. There is a wide range of batteries available in the market.
  • A cordless mower is also safer for you and the mower as there’s no chance of accidentally hitting the cord with the blade. 

The ease of use of a cordless mower is much more attractive to someone having the switch to an electric lawnmower.

Disadvantages Of A Cordless Mower

Even the cordless electric mowers are the more popular of the two styles, but they have some distinct disadvantages compared to the corded style. These are:

  • The cordless mower needs a greater degree of preparation and maintenance than corded models. If you have not charged the battery, it’s not ready to go; you aren’t moving. 
  • Perhaps, you will also need to replace the battery every five years or so
  • It would help if you kept an extra battery with you to avoid any issues, but it’s a big issue itself.
  • A cordless mower has a limited run time, while a corded mower will operate at full power as long as it’s plugged in. If the battery runs out halfway through a mow, you’ll need to charge it up again before you can finish. This can be very frustrating and more time taking.
  • Batteries usually are hefty. The addition of a battery adds to the weight of the mower also. The bigger the battery, the heavier the mower, which is hard to carry. 
  • Cordless mowers are much more costly than corded because of expensive batteries. Cordless mowers are generally two times costly than corded models.
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The Final Stitch

You are an owner of a lawn, so you need a mower. You have to buy a mower. In the light of the above discussion, you can decide: Are corded lawn mowers good? Or a cordless mower is best?

Finally, the decision on which is best for you up to your lawn and your preferences. Don’t take too much time to think because the grass won’t stop growing.

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