How to Fix Self Propelled Lawn Mower Cable

How to Fix Self Propelled Lawn Mower Cable

If you have a lawn at your home, you must also have a self-propelled lawnmower used to mow long grass of the large yard. This self-propelled lawnmower is not only associated with cutting the grass, but you can also use it for a perfect sequence and measurement. 

This self-propelling lawnmower can perfectly follow your direction and amaze you with its efficiency, but here is an issue with this lawnmower. Do you know what? Perhaps, that is why you are here! Actually, due to some carelessness, this self-propelled lawnmower collapsed, and you feel several issues running this lawnmower.

So, in this blog post, we will shed light on How to Fix Self Propelled Lawn Mower Cable; we have briefed on the step-by-step. So you need to be very conscious while following them.

So, without further ado. Let’s jump into the article!

How to Fix Self Propelled Lawn Mower Cable – Easy Fixes

Fishing the propelled cable is not trickier; you can do it effortlessly within 20-25 minutes. So, it saves your cost to hire the mechanic and makes you troubleshoot your problem immediately.

So, before entering in the causes and fixes, let’s crack the tools you need to keep for this process.

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The Tools that you require to make the process accomplished: 

  • Goggles
  • A plastic bag
  • A new cord
  • screwdriver
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Socket wrench 
  • Hand gloves 

These tools will help you in hassle-free troubleshooting of lawnmowers’ cable. After collecting the tools, you can fix your problem using the following steps and our instructions.

Steps to follow: 

Step #1: Remove The Spark Plug

So, if your self-propelled lawnmower cable is not working, you can unplug the spark plug of your mower. It is necessary to follow this step to save you from a hazardous electric current. And keep in mind that every self-propelled engine includes a spark plug for safety.

Step #2:  Release The Drive Cable Lever 

The next essential step that you need to measure is locating the drive cable of the self-propelled mower. You will find a lever over there; you need to release the lever from the cable. In addition, you also have to depress the release tab. After depressing it, pull out the drive cable and then cut the drive cable down to make it secure. 

Step #3: Remove The Drive Cover

Now, it’s step 3 – time to eliminate the drive cover. Here are a few steps that you need to follow to remove the drive’s cover. 

Let’s dig out the steps:

  • Find your mower’s fuel tank and lift the fuel tank’s lid.
  • Take a plastic bag and cover the fuel tank’s mouth.
  • Raise the mower’s front wheel upwards and secure the lawnmower handle. For removing the mounted screw, you can use a socket wrench.
  • The screws seize the mower drive cover. You can unfasten the screws and lower the lawnmower carefully. 
  • Loosen the adjustment bar’s height and then remove the mower drive cover.  
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That is all about removing the drive cover!

Step #4: Bring Out The Drive Cable

Remove the end of the mower drive cable. Now you can take the entire cable out. To access the drive cable’s sheet, you can press the release tab.

Step #5: Install The New Drive Cable

So, installing the new cable is a leading and significant step. You can install it by initiating from the anchor post. For installing the reverse cable, you can install the new drive cable.

Step #6: Replace The Drive Cover

Just like cable, you need to replace the drive cover of your mower. Could you put it in its previous position? 

You have to lift the front wheel of your mower upward, and for attaching the cover, you can reinstate the mounting screws. Use the socket wrench for tightening the screws.

Now, remove the fuel tank’s lid and the plastic bag that you have placed on the fuel tank’s mouth. Replace the lid and rotate it clockwise. 

Step #7: Reconnect The Spark Plug

So, here is the final step of reconnecting the spark plug, and after this step, your mower will work efficiently and trim your grass smoothly.


  • To avoid unforeseen accidents, you need to wear safety clothing. So don’t miss this step! 
  • You can lift the mower by using a hydraulic jack then check whether the jack is set appropriately or not. If there is any negligence, the chances are mowers have fallen, and the mower will be damaged.
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So, these were the straightforward yet practical steps to fix the cable of a self-propelled lawnmower.

Final Verdict

Many users cannot fix the lawnmower because they don’t know what the steps are, which tools are required, or how it can be done with more ease. Therefore, for their favor, we have enlisted the most reliable, proven, and more manageable steps so you do not feel any problem while fixing.  

By doing this task at your home, you can save your bucks. So, our suggestion is to follow the guideline step-by-step, don’t skip anything, and be confident. Within a half-hour, your self-propelled lawnmower’s cable will be troubleshooting, and you can mow your grass with all comfort.

So, don’t hesitate, fix it by yourself!

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