How To Put A Ball Hitch On A Lawn Mower

How to put a ball hitch on a lawn mower


Is your lawn enthusiastic? Then perhaps, you will like your lawnmower to tow different things by placing a ball hitch at the back of the mower. 

A hitch ball tends to make your lawnmower more capable, so you can handle multiple tasks – cutting rough trails, building your dreamy field, maintaining plots of land, tow-behind mowers, and much more.

Do you also want to put a ball hitch on your lawnmower? Are you eager to decode the ways How To Put A Ball Hitch On A Lawn Mower? Of course, that is why you are here!

Well, no need to be worried because, in this blog post, we will provide you with a quality guideline that you can follow to To Put A Ball Hitch On A Lawn Mower.

You are suggested to go through this article from top to bottom and crack the most practical steps.

So, without making any delay, we will dive into the troubleshooting ways! 

How To Put A Ball Hitch On A Lawn Mower 

The best thing is that it’s not a difficult task to perform. Does it not seem attractive? But before looking at the solutions, let’s have an eye at the things and tools included in the ball hitch package. 

Ball Hitch Package 

  • Hitch setup body
  • Brace arms
  • A ball
  • Locknuts
  • Bolts 
  • Flat washer

Tools Required For This Procedure

Some necessary tools are needed for installing the ball hitch with the lawnmower. Let’s look at the tools! For convenient work, you must keep tools near to your hand. 

  • Goggles 
  • Gloves
  • A plier 
  • A drilling machine 
  • A socket wrench
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Steps To Follow To Put A Ball Hitch On A Lawnmower 

We are providing you with reliable solutions step by step. So, don’t miss a single step; otherwise, it will cause disturbance in your project. 

Step-1: Check The Towing Capacity Of Your Lawnmower

Here, the first step to follow is to check the towing capability of your lawnmower. It comes with an instructional book. In any way, if it is not there, then you have to follow a trick. Does it not seem surprising? 

The trick is, you should not tow anything heavier than your lawnmower. For instance, if your lawnmower is 1400 pounds, you should tow 1200 pounds or less.

Towing less or, in simple words giving space to your lawnmower is always a good idea. This simple trick works wonders for lawnmowers. 

Step2- Installing The Ball Hitch

After gaining the lawnmower capacity, now is time to get the ball hitch. Well, getting the ball hitch is not a big task to perform because you can have access to many options. Most of the hitch is semi-universal and will be well-matched with your lawnmower. 

But installing the ball hitch is something tricky and a bit hard. For this, you have to follow the instructions given in the manual. You need to know some other things while installing a ball hitch. 

Here, they are:

Height: You will find some hitches sitting over, making it easy for tying up. Once more, some hitches sit downcast in the machine. So, you have to choose what you will be towing using this lawnmower. It depends on your use.

Size: The lawnmower does not work for heavy loads, and we know that well. Therefore, most of the hitches would rather like using a one-inch ball. The size may be more significant, though. First, you have to select the using purpose, then go according to it.

Assemblage: Mostly, hitch models do not require assembly, whereas others require. There is a suggestion, go for the ball hitch, which is easy to assemble.

Step 3 – Usage Of Essential Tools  

Mainly, it would help if you had a drill, a socket wrench set, a screwdriver, and a hammer. Your hitch may need to be taught into the backside of your mower. For example, if your hitch holds something like a sway bar, it needs to tie up to the mower by itself. For the moment, the rest of the hitches can be easily fixed on the mounting holes. Ensure that you are following the instructions given in the manual.

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Step 4 – Assembling The Hitch 

The next step can be guessed by its name. So, if your hitch keeps mounting bars, you have to attach the bars before mounting the hitch to the mower. Don’t be exhausted! You will find all the essential tools like nuts and bolts with the ball hitch. 

Step 5 – Attaching The Hitch With Your Lawnmower 

Nonetheless, your lawnmower is expected to come with a mounting bracket on its back. You need to fix the hitch with the help of nuts and bolts. In this situation, the drill is required for drilling the metal for putting brackets. While drilling, be careful as there may be some critical sections.

Step 6 – Go For A Test Drive 

So, your problem of “how to put a ball hitch on a lawnmower” has got the solution. The procedure is completed. Now, you need to take a test. For this intention, you can tug something lightweight to check whether it becomes loose or not. Consequently, you may make the necessary adjustments in the right way. 

Suppose you are not preferring or enjoy this process. If it does not seem attractive to you, we have an alternative process. Hopefully, it will help you in your project.

Alternative Process – How To Put A Ball Hitch On A Lawnmower  

A tube pipe can be used for this process, and the most beautiful thing is that you can do it at home. It can lessen your cost as well as inconvenience. 

Let’s have an eye at its tool and procedure. 

  • A ball 
  • A tube pipe 
  • A saw 
  • A welding machine 

Step 1- Prepare the tube pipe.

Take a tube pipe and cut it with a saw according to your need. 

Step 2-Attach The Ball 

I attached the ball with a pipe through a welding machine. Wait for the time until the ball is wholly attached to the pipe.

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Step 3- Weld The Ball With Lawnmower

When the ball is fully attached to the pipe, weld it to the back of the lawnmower.

Thus, these were the ways and alternative solutions for your problem. 

Now, it’s time to look at the preventive measures needed to take while doing this procedure. 

Precautionary Measures – Save You From Accident 

Here are some cautions to take: 

  • Save yourself from any injury by wearing gloves and goggles. 
  • Use and hold the drill and welding machine carefully. 
  • Read the instruction book of the ball hitch for easy installment.

So, that was all about How To Put A Ball Hitch On A Lawn Mower; you need to follow all these steps very carefully, so you may not encounter any error on the way. Now, we are going to jump into the frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to FAQs:

Is Ball Hitch Necessary On My Lawnmower? 

Well, it is better to put a ball hitch on your lawnmower. It will make your lawnmower more practical. We are aware of its no use while cutting grass. But nobody has an idea about the future. So, it will be better to have it. 

Will Towing Wear Down My Lawnmower engine? 

Yes, of course! The amount of wearing down will depend on the weight you will be hauling. That’s why it is always highly recommended to haul more minor than the highest capacity for extending your lawnmower engine’s life.

Are Ball Hitches Illegal? 

No, it is not illegal to have a ball hitch in the receiver of a truck when not pulling a trailer. It is not illegal to have more than one ball hitch on the bumper.

Final Verdict 

After all this procedure, we know that putting a ball hitch on a lawnmower is not a challenging task to conduct. This can be performed at home if you have all the necessary tools to attach. 

We believe that all the above procedures will help you put a ball hitch on a lawnmower. You need to follow the instructions and preventive measures and put the ball hitch on your own. You can do it!  Here you go!


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