Lawn Mower Not Running at Full Power

Lawn Mower Not Running at Full Power

A clean lawn is eye-catching and soul-refreshing! So, a lawn enthusiast better knows how freaking it is to imagine an issue with your lawnmower but being realistic, it happens!

There is a comprehensive list of issues your lawnmower undergoes; however, Lawn Mower Not Running at Full Power is at the top! Are you also facing this issue? Hold on; you are entirely covered in this article. 

Here we have enlisted the possible reasons and solutions that make the lawnmower not run at full power.

So, without further ado, let’s crack!

Lawn Mower Not Running at Full Power 

As discussed, there are various problems that a lawnmower encounters, and the lawnmower is not running at full power is expected. 

There are ample reasons that are critical reasons for this slow power issue. Well, no need to be worried; you need to be attentive, but regular cleaning and maintenance of your mower.

If you still face this issue, you can read our article; find the causes and utmost solutions to get yourself out of the problem. Go ahead!

Problem 1 And Solution: Clogged Air Filter, Spark plug, or Carburetor

There are various issues that a lawnmower faces, and many of those are caused by the spark plug, air filter, and Carburetor. These parts of the lawnmower uplift the performance of your lawnmower; meanwhile, they are the roots of many problems if they are not working well.

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These parts (Carburetor, air filter, spark plug) often get clogged due to dirt and debris, and then your mowers’ performance goes down. And as a consequence, we all know what happens? The lawnmower doesn’t run at its full power!

How to Fix:

The solution lies in the cause, as we have cracked that these parts are clogged due to dust, so don’t forget the regular maintenance of your lawnmower. Clean every part regularly or on every use, so you may not encounter these irritating issues. Well, its solution is effortless!

Problem 2 And Solutions: Damaged or Disengaged Drive Belt

The drive belts are also a vital part of your lawnmower that magically transfers the power from the engine to transmission. 

If, in any case, if drive belts are malfunctioning in the performance, the reason could be the disengagement of drive belts. Eventually, it doesn’t run faster – the way it should run!

How to Fix:

You need to inspect your driver’s belt – turn off your lawnmower, access the drive belt, and then reattach the drive belt. If you find a dislocated or damaged drive belt, you are suggested to substitute your drive belt with a new one.

Problem 3 And Solution: Old Battery

Your lawnmower efficiency and speed also depend upon the battery’s age. If you have an old or worn-out battery, your battery’s parking speed will be automatically affected because an old or worn-out battery can’t support the engine the way it was used to – in the end, your mower failed to run at the faster speed.

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How to Fix:

If you think your mower’s battery is old, you can replace it with a new one.

Problem 4 And Solution: Stale petrol

You need to be aware that the petrol you use in your mower is less effective after a month. After one month, the petrol used to break down due to various factors. So, the mower doesn’t run at full speed due to stale petrol.

How to Fix:

The ultimate solution to this problem is to drain the old petrol from the lawnmower and replace it with a new and worthier one.

Problem 5 And Solution: Petrol Blend:

The petrol of the lawnmower is often mixed with ethanol. This blend and combination are cost-effective and environmentally sustainable as it creates less harm to the car’s engine. 

But on the other hand, this fuel is destructive for your mower; this way, your engine will become slower, and it will slowly pull your mower; eventually, you will have poor performance of your lawnmower. Your lawnmower will mow slowly; perhaps, it will not be capable of operating.

How to Fix:

To sort out this issue, you need to stop the blending. You can get the information in detail by using a lawnmower manual.

Problem 6 And Solution: Dirty Blade

So, last but not least, the lawnmower also slows down due to the dirty blade; the blade of the lawnmower is coated with mud, grass, or gunk. A dirtier blade has difficulty spinning, then your mower’s engine will face difficulties spinning the blade. So, when the blade runs slowly, your lawnmower will also run at slow power.

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How to Fix:

To solve this issue, you need to keep your mower blade clean but keep in mind; you have to wear gloves while cleaning your blade.

Problem 7 And Solution: Cutting Tall Grass:

If you cut the lawn grass with your lawnmower, it will not be capable of working at full power. The long grass will tangle your blade, and the speed of operation will be reduced.

How to Fix:

For sorting out this issue, you need to regulate the height of the mower blade according to the tall grass. Otherwise, first, you can use a weed wacker for trimming your tall grass. First, later, you can use a lawnmower. This way, the tall grass cutting will become more accessible, and your lawnmower will not slow down.

The Key Takeaway

Lawn Mower Not Running at Full Power is the most frequent issue. Due to this issue, your lawnmower cannot work consistently; eventually, its productivity and outcomes also fall from the set demands.

So, due to this prevalent problem, we have covered this issue in detail; we have discussed the problems and respective solutions, so you can crack them one by one and apply them. You can try them confidently!

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