Best Riding Lawn Mower With Bagger

Best Riding Lawn Mower With Bagger

How easy and comfortable is it to ride a lawnmower? And having lawn mowers with a bagger is even more multi-beneficial as these mowers save your time and effort for clearing your lawn. Bagger mowers are perfect and efficient to clean and clear the garden simultaneously.

But, every riding mower with a bagger is not worthier and perfect to mow uphill because many pieces are faulty and have technical issues. So, to buy the best riding lawn mower with a bagger, you need to do extensive research before picking one item, or for your ease; you can read our article ahead.

Actually, after a lot of research, we have collected many Best Riding Lawn Mowers With Baggers. You can use these riding mowers with every terrain and weather condition; they are perfectly fit for several acres of property to maintain. You can confidently buy our residential and commercial lawn mowers bagger and mulching attachments if you want to get high evenness.

Regardless of how bumpy yards, rough and uneven terrain you have, our well-designed mowers will provide smooth movement. They also have ergonomic steering, powerful engine to handle thick grass baggers. 

Our Top Pick…

Among all mowers, Husqvarna Z254 has won the 2021 show due to its fewer emissions and other ultra-pro features. Due to this best riding lawn mower with a bagger, you can tame any lawn in no time. These medium-sized lawns can fit perfectly mow all types of yards. Its Maintenance-free transmission has reduced many worries, so investing in it is secure.

So are you ready to know more about these riding mowers under budget? Stay along with us, but before that, you can get into some other useful information.

Why Ride A Riding Mower With A Bagger?

Several reasons appeal to you to prefer a riding mower with a bagger because riding mowers along are so worthier but when they attach with a bagger, their functionality increases more than ever.

The below are the primary reason to get your hand in riding lawn mowers with a bagger:

1.) Towing:

There are many reasons behind picking a mower, and the most integral one is its towing capacity. These machines can tow the objects and make the mowing as easy as hitching the attachment to the back.

2.) Sensitive Pressure Sensor:

The other reason for buying these machines is their sensitive pressure sensor that senses if the pressure is going in the wrong way than required.

3.) Less Maintenance:

The less maintenance is another treat for the users as they can freely use this riding mower without taking the tension of its maintenance. 

All you need to do is a little cleaning regularly; this timely maintenance has won many hearts and removed a huge burden from the shoulders. Electric riding mowers are straightforward to use as just by inserting the switch once, it starts working immediately and mows your land more speedily; meanwhile, electric lawnmowers offer decreased maintenance too.

These mowers don’t clog easily, if in any case they do, you can mow in reverse to prevent clogging or to get rid of clogging.

4.) No Carbon Emission:

Carbon emission is disastrous for human health, but rising mowers are made by keeping the environment and human protection in consideration. No carbon emission is a great feature that has made these riding lawn mowers popular and safer.

On the other way, electric lawnmowers are safe to use as there are no emissions compared with gas-powered mowers. 

5.) Eco-Friendly:

Traditional gas models are less eco-friendly and emit gases that are dangerous for the environment. Conversely, the best lawn mower is made by considering the environment-friendly feature. Riding Lawn Mower With Bagger is also eco-friendly and has a smooth movement. So, homeowners can easily use these eco-friendly riding mowers on their hilly terrain or anywhere else they want.

6.) Easier and Perfect Fitted with a Bagger:

Riding lawn mowers are designed the way that they let the baggers easily get attached to them. This way, mowing, and cleaning become very simple, and you don’t need to hire any professional for your garden. This easier job can be better done by you.

7.) Facts About Riding Lawn Mower:

There are many surprising and heart-winning facts about lawnmowers, and those are:

  • Riding lawn mowers are convenient to use for everyone.
  • Most of those have a big size of cutting deck.
  • Their Hydro-gear allows smooth maneuvering.
  • They assist you to finish your mowing quite fast.
  • Most of those have a high-back padded seat that protects you from being thrown off the mower.
  • Riding lawn mowers also include a built-in cooler to supply cool air to the engine.
  • A zero-turn mower eliminates overlapping and gives you clean cuts.
  • They contain powerful and commercial-grade steel for engines.
  • Their induction system saves you from many hazards.
  • Beggar fits perfectly and quickly.
  • Many have a fuel cup for convenient fueling and have a cup holder to put the cup in it.
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Best Riding Lawn Mower With Bagger for 2021

The market is overwhelmed with the riding mower brands, but every brand is not reliable; this article has reviewed the best riding mowers of the most experienced brands that have won the reputation due to their high-quality products. Husqvarna and Craftsman are the most top-notch brands – we have reviewed their products that are suitable for lawns with few obstacles and turns.

Here, we also have a comparison table for you; you can glance through it to get some additional information about our selected mowers.

1Husqvarna MZ61● Item Weight: 770 Pounds
● Cutting Width: 61 Inches
Check Price
2Husqvarna Z254● Speed: 6.5 MPH
● Cutting Width: 54 Inches
Check Price
3Craftsman 17ARFACT091● Style: 46-Inch Hydrostatic 23 HP
● Cutting Width: 46 Inches
Check Price
4Husqvarna YTH18542● Briggs: 18.5 HP
● Cutting Width: 42 Inches
Check Price
5Troy-Bilt 540cc● Cutting Width: 46 Inches
● Number of Positions: 5
Check Price

Here we are going to jump into the mowers that have unparalleled features and unbeatable performance.

1.) Husqvarna MZ61

Husqvarna MZ61To clean the steep terrain, then must try this best zero-turn commercial grade lawnmower. The Husqvarna MZ61 enables you to cut longer and thicker grass and finish your mowing quite fast via its powerful, smooth, and sharp blades. 

Key Features:

This lawnmower is equipped with an exceptional zero-turn radius that makes it capable of cutting thicker grass from steeper slopes better than others with lower horsepower. The zero-turn radius also makes it easy to pass the obstacles as you wish.

When we talk about its speed, it is superb; manufacturers said it clears 3 acres of lawn in an hour. It can easily move with a forwarding speed of 8.5mph, and in the case of reverse movement, the speed is 5mph.,Sensitive

The high-back padded seat protects you from being thrown off the mower and provides a smoother ride for a more enjoyable operation. This best riding lawn mower with bagger is a powerfully built machine whose foot pedal provides control of twin levers. 

The excellent mower is powered by the renowned Briggs & Stratton Hydrostatic engine. The engine works with 27 horsepower, which makes this machine a grass-cutting monster. 

Not only this, this dream machine is boosted by a 61-inch cutting deck which supplies enough air to lift the grass and keep the three internal build hidden blades sharp and neat. The 9-bushel triple bag collection system allows you to discharge, mulch, or bag the clippings. This bagger-enabled mower keeps your lawn smooth and clean.

  • Has powerful engine
  • Long-lasting
  • Built with a sturdy cutting deck
  • Bagger capacity but need to be purchased separately

Final Verdict:

The Husqvarna MZ61 is a sturdy unit that delivers superior quality and is popular with commercial users due to its amazing features. It has the power to mow uphill on thick grass without any issue, and the zero-turn radius helps you more in this regard.

2.) Husqvarna Z254

Husqvarna Z254Getting the best riding lawn mower with a bagger facility is a more challenging task. The Husqvarna Z524 is a nice riding mower that allows bagger attachment too. The dimensions, manual operation, and Kohler engine make it an ideal mower for commercial use, easily moving past obstacles.

Key Features:

This is a bit noisy mower that means it is not ideal for night rides in suburban areas. But it does not mean you can not work in a darker time. The mower contains an optional LED on the bumper. Simply attach it and work on areas where there are no other people around.

The air induction mowing system is an exceptional feature that draws air from the top and bottom of the deck. It also includes a built-in cooler to supply cool air to the engine and help to start it whenever you want. It also helps in the longevity and protection of your engine.

The powerful, fabricated, steel-made cutting deck can adjust the height for up to 54-inches. Generally, riding lawn mowers don’t come with a bagger, but the attachments are available, which you can avail of when bought separately.

The sturdy levers and tires give superior traction and a smooth ride on uneven terrain. So just move the lever left or right and make the grass cutting task worry-free. The automatic patent-brake system also activates or deactivates when phishing levers outward or inward.

The ergonomic grip controls the mower better and protects your hands from vibrations.

  • Best riding mower with a bagger facility
  • Has induction mowing system 
  • Maintenance-free transmission
  • Has ergonomic grips for your protection
  • Noisy mower

Final Verdict:

This brand is the biggest name in the garden industry; that is why we include Husqvarna Z254  mower in our best lawnmowers with baggers list. You can discharge, mulch, or bag the clippings, but the mulching kit needs to buy your own.

3.) Craftsman 17ARFACT091

Craftsman 17ARFACT091If you are one of the large garden owners, golf course owners, owning the best quality lawnmower is necessary. This fantastic Craftsman 17 ARFACT091 comfortably works on any terrain due to its great engine, smooth tires, and easy-to-move levers.

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Key Features:

The Craftsman 17 ARFACT091 best lawnmower is powered by Kohler Twin Cylinder Engine, which is easy to start in every condition. The gas-powered engine has enough capacity of fuel to continue hours of work.

It can handle a quarter-acre lawn speedily without wasting any time as the engine works with 23 horsepower making it excellent to work on any type of surface. Not only this, the powerful blades give clean cuts.

One thing that makes this lawnmower exceptional is its zero-turn radius which gives remarkable maneuverability. Along with this, a zero-turn mower eliminates overlapping and gives you clean cuts. The foot-pedal operated hydrostatic transmission provides more control than manual power. 

The users can enjoy a comfortable ride for hours via its high-back seat. The seat is big enough and made of foam material which delivers premium support to you. The durable steel frame further enhances its performance and life.

When talking about the best mowers, how can we forget to mention its amazing deck? The 46-inch deck allows you to cut grass more smoothly. The deck also gives a different height adjustment facility; you can easily adjust the height from  3.75 inches maximum and a minimum cutting height of 1.25 inches.

  • Great lawnmower
  • Lightweight model
  • Offers high maneuverability
  • It gives adjustable cutting height
  • Does not have food brake

Final Verdict:

No matter how big the grass gives an untidy look to your lawn, adjust the deck to various heights and overcome this worry. The Craftsman 17ARFACT091 is a powerful and sturdy mower made of steel alloy material so that it will remain with you for years.

4.) Husqvarna YTH18542

Husqvarna YTH18542One of the astounding lawnmowers packed with tons of superb features is a dream of any user. Husqvarna YTH18542 has a mulching and bagging capacity to keep the lawn clean and save your time for doing other tasks.

Key Features:

This best riding lawn mower with bagger has a different design than other traditional mowers. It is built with a steering wheel instead of lever support. The front bumper also contains headlights to make it the best option for dim lights. So completing your mowing task even at night time is not an issue now.

This stunning lawnmower is powered by the Briggs & Stratton engine, which has its name in the engine makers. This powerful engine to handle thick grass operates via 18.5 horsepower. The gas-powered mower has fewer emissions and gives quiet operations.

This lawnmower handles grass clippings as it is made of a side-discharge mechanism. This system makes it effective even without a bagger, but you can also attach one if your lawn is more untidy and the grass grows thicker. 

The bagger and mulching attachments are available but need to be bought separately. But you have to stop and empty the bagger not to make the mower heavier.

This ideal mower for smooth movement has four wheels. Two at the front and two are present at the back. The anti-scalp front-wheels are smaller in size than the back ones. But they are sturdily built and comfortable to move the mower.

  • The bagger fits perfectly
  • Has ergonomic steering
  • Has anti-scalp tires
  • Not a full zero-turn mower

Final Verdict:

Another excellent feature of this mower is moving in the reverse position by turning the switch as mow in reverse to prevent clogging. The 42-inch cutting deck has air induction mowing technology. The 13-inch comfortable ergonomic and adjustable seat provides comfort and easy operation.

5.) Troy-Bilt 540cc

Troy-Bilt 540cc

The untidy and unevenly looking grassy grounds look unpleasant to the eyes, so get this aesthetically designed mower named Troy-Bilt 540cc is the best riding lawn mower with bagger. It has a reliable engine, warranty, and a more comprehensive tank to magically uplift your lawn beauty.

Key Features:

This beautifully designed lawnmower looks like a small car to ride. The front of the mower has headlights for night mowing on both ends. So spend your day doing routine tasks and mow the lawn later on in the evening.

The 46-inch cutting deck provides five different height adjustments, which makes it best for a precise cut. You can adjust the height and cut short or long grass according to the situation of the lawn.

The 540cc Briggs and Stratton engine has a manual operation, which gives you enough sturdiness when seen first. This is the only mower that can snowplow, and additional bagging and mulching kits will make the work easier and smoother.

The user can steer it rather than push it by hand as it has a steering wheel that works like a master. The gasoline tank is present beneath the hood. The fuel tank can sustain for a long time, but you have to keep checking the oil levels after long work hours.

You need the cleaning of the hood and dash louvers after almost 10 hours of use. And after 25 hours of use, try cleaning the cooling fins, lube the front axles, and change the oil. Otherwise, you may face clogging. 

The sharp blades and large fuel tank allow you to mow your lawn without worrying about fuel running out. This is something very amazing indeed!

  • Reliable engine
  • Easy to start
  • The deck allows different heights
  • Noisy

Final Verdict:

You don’t need to search for more when you have a Troy-Bilt 540cc mower. The great lawnmower is a must-have product due to its amazing design, superb features, and easy moveability. Spend some bucks and experience the mowing job which you have never seen before.

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Riding Lawn Mowers With Bagger – An Ultimate Buyer Guide Buyer’s Guide:

Every riding mower is not worth buying but the one that has the following features. Yes, if you want to overview some of the other mowers than our compiled list then you are supposed to ensure the following features in it. 

If you selected a mower that has these features that you are on the right track; let’s explore in detail.

1.) Design And Weight:

Mowers are both lightweight and heavier, but you don’t need to worry more as the mower has to drive in and out for storing. Try to get a mower with an ergonomic design because they are easy to use. Go for a mower having steering levers, a comfortable grip, and greater speed, as the speed is great for residential use. 

2.) Engine Power:

Mowers with an engine power of 18hp and more are perfect for mowing more extensive lawns. They have cutting efficiency and speed that are necessary to get the job done. 

3.) Comfortable Seating:

The high-back seat mowers are more comfortable for long hours of work. The mower having springs for bounce and armrests are better as you can expect turbulence when owing Rough terrains. Comfortable seating simply means you can enjoy cutting for more time without getting tired. 

4.) Deck Size:

You have considered the deck size as the large deck has a wider cutting path, and smaller decks smoothly move around trees and garden beds. Decks come in many sizes; some are 42, and others are 46 inches in size. 

5.) Material Used for Bagger:

You need to check the beggar manufacturer first as baggers made with hard plastic are durable, but they also withstand the elements by providing proper ventilation. This will also help to reduce the chance of clogging. You want to check what the manufacturer has used for the bagger you are about to buy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Below are the answers to the questions that most of the users have in their minds. Get into them to find the answer.

Which Brand Of Riding Lawn Mower Is Best? 

The popular residential and commercial lawn mowers are made by almost every renowned lawn mower brand. Some of them are Husqvarna, Troy-Bilt, Snapper, and others. 

The gasoline-powered mower gives emissions that can cause you a warrant of a ban if the country is concerned about green society. But in our suggestion, the best brand of a riding mower is none other than Husqvarna. That is why we added three most advanced mowers named as Husqvarna YTH18542, Husqvarna Z254, and Husqvarna MZ61.

Who Makes The Most Reliable Riding Lawn Mower? 

As we mentioned above, Husqvarna undoubtedly makes the best riding lawn mowers with a baggers facility. And the best one among their products is Husqvarna Z254. This lawnmower is also equipped with crucial factors,  accumulates a lot of cutting, and bigger fuel capacity means you can convert acres of land or lawn without refueling.

Do Lawn Mower Baggers Work? 

The universal baggers are not manufactured by the same manufacturer, so when planning to buy baggers, always go for a quality product by thorough search of other brands. Lawnmower baggers work best in sunny weather when the grass is dry. Avoid using mowers in lands that contain wet grass. Otherwise, you may face clogging. Remember that a bagger can keep your lawn manicured and clean. 

Do Riding Mowers Have Grass Catchers? 

Grass catchers on mowers are used to catch the grass. Most tractor-style and zero-turn mowers come with already fitted grass catchers. But, nothing gives the results as good as the ride-on mowers deliver, especially when talking about catching grass.

Is It Better To Use A Grass Catcher? 

There is no issue; you can fit the grass catcher to keep the lawn neat and clean. But try to use the best quality grass catchers.

Should I Get A Mulcher Or Bagger?

When you mow a lawn, the clippings have to go somewhere. Bagging means a collection of grass in some composite dust bin or bag, or you can mulch the clippings. Mulching means the clipping remains in the yard and decomposes with time. But if you want to collect the cutting grass, you can get a mulcher or bagger. 

Some homeowners believe that bagging the lawn keeps the lawn greener and provides a greener look. Get a bagger if the clippings are longer, but mulching is the best idea if they are short in size. 

Our Key Take:

Growing grass is fun, soothing, and eye-catching, but it needs proper maintenance and trimming. So, it can only be done with a mower, and from all mowers, we have found riding a mower great as it cleans your garden without exhausting you.

These safe mowers have an ergonomic grip to control the mower better and protect your hands from vibrations. The induction mowing system of these mowers reduces the hazards and ensures safe mowing.

So our suggestion is to not invest in any irrelevant and random mower but the one that is well-tested and hassle-free. As they are proven for their excellence, you can review our selection, so say goodbye to the hectic routine and shift your burden to riding lawnmowers.

So here you go for the best riding mower with a bagger facility to fulfill your cleaning maneuver!

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